Wedding Season!

Are you ready for wedding season?! 

It’s summer and you know the months of June, July and August are known for weddings. Today I’m going to share two looks from a wedding two of our Lifestyleislandista’s wore when they attended a morning wedding this June.

We hope these looks inspire you as you attend your formal events this summer.

Janelle’s Look:

Me and fascinator at lena's wedding

Fascinators are quite trendy at this time but they also gave a soft, feminine, elegant and unique touch to your outfit.

IMG_8354 - Copy


This beautiful rose pink fascinator was made by my mum I told her not to worry to make me one when I realized how busy she was, but that morning when I stopped by it was sitting there ready for me. I was super excited and it was gorgeous!

Thank you mummy! ^_^


I styled my hair in a low side one and added some gold dangling earrings which I made. (PS. Check out Wabbimail’s on Instagram and Facebook to see more of my products)


My dress was made with spring and summery floral Georgette which I accented with yellow and pink Peau- de- soie to break up the floral and tie the look together.


I also chose a yellow clutch instead of pink which gave a nice contrast to the pink but blended nicely with the floral and top.


Lastly I got these gorgeous rose pink/fuchsia heels from “Superstyle Shoe Shop” Barbados to complete my look.



Joanna’s Look:

IMG-20180618-WA0019 - Copy

I don’t think you can ever go wrong wearing a hat to a morning garden wedding. When paired well it’s gives a lady a tasteful elegant edge as well as helps keep the sun at bay.

IMG-20180617-WA0013 - Copy

Here Joanna is wearing a beautiful medium yellow sinamay hat which gives a soft yet gentle contrast to the turquoise wrap dress she is wearing.  Her dress was made by me, Janelle (Wabbimail’s) and she added a pair of delicate turquiose and gold drop earrings and a gem stone and gold necklace to the look.

IMG-20180618-WA0023 - Copy

Joanna then added a double strand pearl bracelet as a decorative touch and accompanied it with a small neutral chocolate brown clutch.


Lastly she chose a pair of medium yellow round tip pumps from “Payless Shoesource” to complete her look.

IMG-20180618-WA0023 - Copy (2)


Hope you enjoyed our June Wedding Look-book and that it inspires you and your looks for any weddings, cocktail parties, work formals and dinners parties this summer!

Take Care Loves!



3 Fun Date Ideas

Aloha Lovies,

Jo here.  Today I want to share 3 budget friendly, fun date ideas with you that range from low budget to slightly fancy pancy. Recently hubby and I took a break from work to celebrate our 7 yr anniversary and his 30th birthday.

We decided we wanted to make the most of our 2 day break and do as much as we could on a budget and still feel slightly “posh” (jokes).

So date number 1 – Our first date was a beach day (picnic). It was a school day so childcare was sorted. We packed our bags and went to the grocery store and picked up some of our favorite snacks. Hubby knows the best beaches on the west coast so we drove to St.James and rented some beach chairs (optional obviously), lounged and had lovely sea baths.



  1.  Pack snacks that are yummy cold or room temp so you don’t need a cooler or flask.
  2. Pack glasses for your drinks if you want to feel special
  3. Don’t forget sunscreen


(lol at hubby’s face)

This date is our cheapest and most relaxed date. You can easily do this for $40 (including transport or gas)

Date number 2:

Movie Night – We had not been to the movies in 4yrs. So this was a treat and we decided to go to Limegrove cinemas. Which is the more expensive of the cinemas here in Barbados. But we went on a Tuesday which is their discount night and tickets are $15. We watched Wonder Woman and I felt like a real teenage girl jumping and ducking at all the thrills in the movie. It was well made and we had fun.

In terms of food we just had popcorn as we weren’t very hungry. But the service there was great! They bring the snacks to your seat.

We wore our slightly cheesy cutesy matching Mr and Mrs T shirts. And it was nice to feel like a new couple dating again.


This is our mid-range date you can do this date for approx” $60.


1. Take advantage of discounts

2. Eat dinner first


Our 3rd date was a splurge date, and the most common date. A dinner date. We went to one of our favourite spots and it was delish!


Although this was a splurge for us here are some ways you can save and get more for your money.

Ask a family member to babysit if you have kids, instead of a sitter.

Order 4 or more appetisers to share instead of entrees. That way you get to try more dishes for the same price of less.

Skip bottled water , tap water is fine.

Mention if its a special occassion, many places give a dessert for free!


I hope my tips really helped you guys plan your next date day/night.

See you soon








The Ceremony, Reception & Photos (Wedding Recap Part 2)

Hey Lifestylers!

A beautiful country scenery with great wind and an amazing view.

The use of my Barbadian dialect will be used at some point in this post.
We left off last time at my wedding DIY’s. There is still a few more you will see in this post. Now it’s time to get into the wedding day.
Picture this. A beautiful country scenery with great wind and an amazing view – perfect for your wedding day if you are having an outdoor wedding.  Our beautiful wedding was held at the Country Life Estate in the parish of St.George/St John (It’s on the border of both).

Beautifully decorated, Collen Webster- the owner did a spectacular job at getting everything ready and trust me when I say specacular because there was an event the night before and my wedding was a morning wedding. (The event before lasted well into the night and I would know because my mini bridal party and I slept over in the room provided for the wedding party). Country Life not only hosts your wedding and reception but they also offer a number of other services such as breakfast and lunch for you and your bridal party when you stay the night before the wedding, 

Many people thought I was going to be a nervous wreck, that I would not sleep (but what dem feel it is, listen I love muh sleep). I was the most calm person ever, I was worried about nothing.  I arrived at the venue with all my wedding favours ready to hand off to be stocked away until the morning. I settled in, told mom and dad goodbye so they could go and collect C and his best man from the hotel. (C dropped his car off to our honeymoon hotel), Then I ate my veggie burger and messaged C to let him know I had arrived and all the other mushy stuff while I waited on my maid of honour and flower girl to arrive so we could lock the door for the night.

In the morning we woke up around 6 am, I went upstairs to see drop some pens off for the guest signing and then went down to have some breakfast and prepare for when the make-up artist ( Liezel Artistrii), and dress designer (also my cousin) would arrive. We ate and talked and each had a shower while we waited. When they (makeup and dress designer) arrived we got to having our make-up done. At this point our photographer Akira Joseph Photography arrived and began taking some shots of us getting ready and upstairs with the decor and guest. Make up was done, and hair ( I got my hair done the previous day), dress was on, everyone was ready by 9:30 am ( by this time mom, dad and our ring bearer had come). I was ready and not nervous, I was just super excited to get upstairs and get married to C.

The wedding was at 10 am and at about 10 mins or 5 mins to 10 I got the news, one of the pastors had not arrived as yet (WHATTTTTT)…….I was like let it be known I was ready and not the hold up (and it was later said at the recpetion that I was ready EARLY).

The guest were seated and they called us up. I walked down the aisle with dad to the song “When God Made You” and I remember Collen saying “keep your bouquet by your waist”

Hunte Wedding-13
This beautiful boquet was customized by my mom. When we bought it, it was just the calla lillies but mom added the purple flowers, the beads around the base and the peacock feathers.

I remember that for all of 1 min and it was back up by my chest, listen I did just wanna get up dey, get the wedding over wid, cause I don’t like being de center of attention.  Anyhow cermony was beautiful and if you ask me what the pastor’s sermon was about…all I remember was he said something bout Adam and Eve. I was in nny own little bubble of bliss.

C’s sister played a beautiful rendition of on her flute of “I Swear” (This was the first song C and I sang to each other over the phone). We exited the ceremony to “Signed, Sealed, Delivered” and all the cameras were flashing.  All the people were coming to congratulate up and everything. During the cocktail hour we took our photos while the guest ate (I really wanted fishcakes and samosas but I aint get none). 

Time came to start the reception and we entered to “Still the One by Shania Twain”.  We ate, the food was great, speeches were too. My most memorable speech was the one dad gave when had our song played “Forever Young by  Rod Stewart” (he dedicated this song to me on my 16th birthday).

For our first dance C and I chose From This Moment by Shania Twain and Bryan White (I had to look at our songs list while writing this post because neither of us could remember)

Another favourite of mine was the cake!!!!!!

Hunte Wedding-15


This wonderful, beautiful and delicious cake was done by fellow lifestyler Jo and her husband who are the owners of  As Cute As A Cupcake – Barbados.

My flavour of choice was chocolate fudge which was the bottom tier while C’s flavour of choice was strawberry which was the top tier. The cupcakes were vanilla and chocolate fudge.  When we cut the cake I did not want to share my piece because it was so gooooodddd. So I ate that then got another piece to feed him with. #chocolateislife.

All in all. I enjoyed our wedding and had a blast. Below is a slideshow of some photos from our wedding.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Chic Businesswear

20170601_172839 - Copy2

Hi Guys,

Hope you’re doing well.  I’ve got an cute outfit for you!

If you’ve been following us for a while you know that I am a Fashion Designer. In 2015 to 2016 I pursued and completed a Textiles and Material Design Level 3 NVQ Course and I shared a bit of my Textiles Exhibition with you on our instagram page.  Feel free to head on over to check it out, and if you want to see more pics you can stop by my business page Wabbimails.

So June 1st 2017 was our graduation and our invitation said business wear.

CBTF Graduation

So seeing that I don’t have any business suits and I didn’t want to wear one for this occasion even if I had I decided to pull some of favs that I thought would work and I came up with theses. Enjoy!

IMG_7288 copy

My gorgeous lace jacket and light blue camisole.


Pearls & Jeweled necklace


IMG_7304 copy

Hair – Pin Up & Curls


side view sq

Side View – Sporting my Nude Gloss Bag

 Outside .jpg 2

Full Body


IMG_7282 copy

Certified & Feeling Good


Hope you enjoyed my first fashion post!

Don’t forget to follow, like, share and comment if you did!

Keep going for your dreams!




Myah’s Wedding Recap Part 1

Hey Lifestylers!

Finally the wedding recap is here. Well part one anyway.

I got married!!! and let me just tell you that wedding planning without a wedding planner is fun but it can tiring especially when all of your health issues decide to rebel all at once.

Luckily I had help from mom with the DIY’s. It was fun to do them even with low energy levels which reminds me to inform you that during the planning process, taking vitamins daily is essential especially Vitamins B & C. I had to use more Vitamin C as I ended up with a sinus infection then after barely recovering from that, I got the flu; after that was another sinus infection. Not to mention the muscle spasms, scoliosis and endometriosis pain.(insert long growl). An entire month and a half of my body defying me. Along with the vitamins, if you are a religious person PRAY, PRAY, PRAY!!! PRAYER got me through the times I felt like saying, forget this! let’s elope!

Let’s get back to the good stuff.

 Our Invitations


These amazing invites were done by the extremely talented Shonah of Dot_Ink Designs.   We met with her and looked through her many designs and chose the one we loved the most, which was a pocket fold design. She transformed it using our theme (PEACOCK).  Our colours were PURPLE, TURQUOISE  & LIME GREEN. For the minimal details, I created our direction cards whilst my mom dealt with the outer envelope-ribbon design.  Everyone loved these invites and so did we.

This purple ribbon was sourced from one of our local craft stores: Laurie Dash & Sons Inc.

(DIY)Escort Cards

DIY Escort Cards

(For posting on the blog, I have removed the names of our family and friends).

I made many attempts at designing our escort cards. Night after night I would attempt different designs until I finally settled on this design.  For our table names we used flowers and birds. These wonderful designs were printed, cut and glued to the opposing card. That is – the purple bordered cards were glued to turquoise cardstock and vice versa. When they were completed I must say that I was very impressed with my DIY. I was a bit saddened that we didn’t get any photos of them though. After C (husband will be referred to as C) and I finished all the cutting and gluing with these at 1 in the morning while we did other DIY’s we were worn out. 

(DIY) Wedding Fan Programs

All done and pre- packaged : never mind the Kraft paper bags under the fans: If you look closely though you will see the thank you tags I designed.
Template done using Microsoft Word

(Some names have been removed for their privacy purposes)

I can say that I enjoyed designing this template after looking at Pinterest for some layout inspiration.  Mom and I put the finishing touches on these amazing wedding programs, one day before the wedding. 

After being printed, the were folded in half and glued around the edges leaving just enough space to place and stick the Jumbo Craft Stick at the bottom. When that was step was completed, mom tied the ribbon around the craft stick and then it was complete.

We sourced the ribbons for used for these lovely Wedding Fan Programs from Amazon

Wedding Favors

When I tell you that our guests were well treated in the wedding favor arena, they were well -spoilt. For our wedding favors we gave:

  • Alcohol-free Caribbean black-cake cupcakes (packaged in cupcake boxes)
  • Mini chocolates (packages in mini bags * see photo below)
  • Candy (packaged in mini-treat boxes *see photo below)
  • Barbadian mini sweet treats package (done by Salena Spice Creations who did an amazing job) which consisted of mini: sugarcakes, tamarind balls, nut cakes and guava cheese. We also packaged these treats from Salena in purple mini-sized organza bags. (see photo below)
These Caribbean great-cake cupcakes were baked by my aunt and decorated by my mom. Here they are waiting to be placed in the packaging box.
Cupcakes boxed up and displayed.
Chocolates all packaged up in these mini bags.
Captured by our wonderful Wedding photographer.  (Akira Joseph Photography). This box held the mini candy.
Our sweet treats from Salena Sweets packaged and ready to go.

Mr&Mrs boxes sourced from Amazon (These were supposed to be as the 5 x  5 x 7.5 in size to use as the cupcake boxes but upon arrival were 3 inches!!! I was upset but we put them to good use)

Even though going the DIY road was a bit tiring at first, in the end I really loved the finished product. It saved us lots of money.  I will tell you though that I have earned a lot more respect for person who has a career in designing things like these, it is a lot of time and hard work and you have to ensure that it is perfect for the big day!

Stay tuned for Part 2

No one has it all together!

Hey guys,

Today I want to have an honest chat about something I think we can all relate too.



As women it seems like a lot of us feel like we need to have everything under control and perfect all the time. But is that possible? Is work – life balance actually attainable?

I think we look at each other and feel as though, the other person has it covered more than we do. Perfect home, perfect appearance, perfect career, well behaved and groomed kids, amazing relationship.. all day, everyday. After talking to other ladies I have come to these conclusions:

  1. We contribute to each other feeling this way. When someone says they are struggling sometimes people take this opportunity to say how “great” they are at what the person is struggling with and tell them to get it together. Come on! Stop that, you know you struggle too. Share a tip and be there for your girl but don’t brag and DON’T criticise.
  2. There is no such thing as balance, its more like a river. With ebbs and flows, some days you’ll be a domestic goddess and some days you won’t. Some weeks you’ll have lots of play time with your kids and some weeks will be full force work. Try not to feed the guilt or the feeling of failure when somethings feel unbalanced.
  3. Flexibility and personal time is important. Things don’t always go as scheduled but you have to be able to roll with it. Also know your limits, know when you need to say no. If taking this order or accepting this project means that you are compromising your limit and putting yourself under unnecessary  stress sometime its okay to say no. Take time for yourself even if its just 10 mins in the morning with a cup of tea.teaNow I struggle with this balance thing just like anyone, but I am working on it. I believe you can have it all just not all at once. Mom guilt is real and work responsibilities don’t end but doing your best is what matters. They say you can’t pour from an empty pitcher. So take care yourself don’t judge and go with the ebb and flow as much as you can.

Much love – work in progress



Four Days of Twist Out!

Hey Guys!

Hope you’re well! Today I’m going share my “Twist Out” and how I maintained it this long for the first time. A few months has passed since I did it but no worries. Let’s get right into it.


 “January 21st 2017”

Style Prep

After washing and conditioning my hair, I parted it into sections. I detangled each section by spritzing with water and then sealing with my “Homemade Whipped Shea Butter Cream.” I got the recipe from Naptural85 which is called  “Do It Yourself: Natural Homemade Creamy and Fluffy Shea Butter Cremes Recipe” but I tweaked it a bit. I then made smaller sections and flat-twisted those being sure to add some more cream to the ends.

rolling on straw

Depending on how big the section was after every 1-2 twist, I wrapped either 1 or 2 twist(s) over a straw and rolled it under. Next I secure them with a bobby pin.

N.B The straws were cut into halves or thirds which turned out to be about 3″ in length each.

That night I slept in a satin scarf. The next afternoon I undid the flat-twist after rubbing a bit of oil unto my fingers to prevent frizz.

Day 1:

Unravelled – “January 21st 2017”

Day 1

I was so surprised at how soft and moisturized it came out. Even though it was more compact than usual it was super curly and cute. The photos don’t even do it justice. It was Saturday and I was off to a party. Was thrilled too when I received loads of compliments! Wow yay! Lol.


Twist Out pulled up

So after taking a few pictures for you guys, I decided to pull my hair up to see if the pineapple method (which I had never researched but guessed what it was, based on it’s name) would work.

Cute right!? But I still wasn’t sure if this would work for my really thick and curly hair so I started Youtubing ways to maintain a “Twist Out.” Why oh why did I never do this before? I would always ruin the style after day two by not properly maintaining it, but not tonight, I had to find a way. That’s when I found this video by “My Natural Sisters” How to Maintain a Twist Out on Natural Hair.  After watching a few of these I decided to try to it and prayed it would work.

So to find out if it did let’s go to Day 2…

Day 2

Church – “22nd January 2017”

Day 2

Yay! It worked!

So by using the same technique I had seen in the video I twisted chucks of the twist out together the night before. No combs, no brushes just my fingers finding the previous parts very gently and twisting large sections of hair together. Next I covered my hair with my satin scarf and went to bed.

On Sunday morning I unravelled gentled, shook out the twists and fluffed. I also used some booby pins and hair pins to achieve my style.

Day 3

Work and Home – “23rd January 2017”

Well guys I work from home and did not venture out on Monday so I didn’t take any pics. However, I just did what I had done on Sunday and maintained it the same way I did on Saturday night.

Day 4

To town for supplies- “24th January 2017”


“Still cute and still curly!” Ok guys, apart from getting a bit dry, my hair was still popping. lol. I was pretty pleased to see how long this style could last and I knew it could go a few more days if I wanted it to. I had scored big time finding that video and a few more. Happy but tired and knowing that my hair was dry I was ready for a change and probably a wash.

However, I did get some tips for moisturizing for the next time that I do this style. Such as is this other video by Naptural85 called “How To Maintain Wash and Go for 5 Days or More “Natural Hair.” Using some of the tips from this method and the previous method combined, I think my hair will last a whole lot longer and look even better. I will also in-cooperate a way to re-moisturize my scalp as it tends to get dry faster than my hair. I still have to do some experimenting there since I wouldn’t want to disturb my curls and make the style frizzy.

I hope you enjoyed seeing my results and I hope you got some helpful tips too!

Have a great day and enjoy your springtime!

Day 4.png



Dear Endometriosis

Hey Lifestylers!

I have delayed my wedding recap post so as to post about my story about Endometriosis as this is Endometriosis Awareness Month.

Dear Endometriosis,

I was fine, I was good, I was great. I was managing all the other pain I had just great. I mean I already have NF1, that in itself is pain already. I was managing the pain from the accident, I was handling that even better.

At 16 after many painful periods, after having to stay home from school for most of the time my period came, I went to the doctor – he said it wasn’t you after doing some scans but it was dysmenorrhea one of your family members whom I assume you know quite well. Here the birth control pills began just for a bit so I would never have to miss out on any of my CSEC Exams. Lets’s move forward 7 years to age 23, after the pain was constant – everyday, all day, all night. Period or no period. Here I was thinking maybe this is from my NF1 or maybe I pulled a muscle. Two nasty bladder infections and countless doctor visits later guess what??!! That is when I found out that you had showed up and taken residence, and boy did you show up and show out, you couldn’t just take up residence in one ovary but two!! How dare you?!

 Your place is in my uterus, that is where you are to stay, that is where you signed the contract to stay. You violated the terms of said contract by venturing outside the area which you have no security clearance for. Yet there you are, it seems you planned your attack down to the very last tiny detail.  I heard you have many colleagues affecting millions of women in the world. Guess what though?! We are fighting you and fighting hard, we will not stop fighting, we will not stop trying a way to get rid of you completely and trust me we will. So enjoy your time now with the painful periods, the painful sex, fatigue, infertility, painful urination and bowel movements, nausea and vomiting just to name a few that you plague my other female endo fighters and I with.

You thought that we would stay silent and not speak up about it, you thought that we would continue to hear people say “oh I get cramps too, it’s just a bad period”. Well think again, we have had about enough of hearing that and this year we are speaking even louder so all the world can who you truly are.

Oh and about last month when you had me down to the point with an IV in my hand, had me not able to eat for a week because everything I ate/drank came right back up because you decided to up your game and produce another one on my left ovary making it two egg-sized things over there. You may have had me confined to a bed for that one week but think again you can’t hold me down forever.

Without love,


No automatic alt text available.


My Favorite Snacks ATM!

Hi Guys!!

I hope you’re doing well. I’ve been doing pretty okay, just been trying new things and getting stuff together. For a while I’ve been in search of some healthy or relatively healthy snacks. You see I have a pretty quick metabolism and I get hungry quite often between meals, even though I eat three  main meals a day. So in between I try the eat snacks that are good for me. Sometimes I do a fruit bowl, an oatmeal/fruit/chia pudding, homemade cookies or popcorn. I soon realized that I didn’t really have any savory snacks for when I wasn’t feeling for something sweet. Also with my busy schedule makes it a little difficult to make my own healthy snacks along with making my 3 main meals each day since I hardly eat out.  So I am going share my favorite on the go snacks that I found in the supermarkets so far this year.

Herr’s Potato Popped Chips


These are Gluten Free and only contain – Potato Flour, Potato Starch, Sunflower and/or canola oil, Rice Flour and Sea salt.

I like these because they are made from simple and natural ingredients and are quite yummy (a little addictive too lol).


Herr’s Original Kettle Chips and Herr’s Boardwalk Salt& Vinegar

These are tasty and do not contain mono sodium glutamate which is a huge plus for me as I am allergic.

The “Original” is Gluten Free and contains the following ingredients: potatoes, vegetable oil (one or more of the following: corn, cottonseed, sunflower) and salt.

The “Salt & Vinegar” flavor however is not Gluten Free  and they’ve added lactose, sodium diacetate, malted barley flour, citric acid, and natural flavor.

PopCorners Cinema Style


I actually only tried these this week but I think these are going to be one of my favourites. When I open the bag there was air like so many bags but I was pleasantly surprise to see that the bag was packed around 1/2 – 3/4 of the bag. It did say 5 oz lol.  From first glance I think I can stretch these over the course or 3 days maybe 4. They taste similar to white cheddar popcorn even though they don’t contain cheese. Yet sorta like a natural chip.

Ingredients:Yellow corn, sunflower oil, organic whey powder, maltodextrin, salt, organic butter powder (organic butter, organic skim milk powder), natural flavour.


Bermudez Jumbies Animal Crackers


Sooo…I saw these in Massy about a week ago and had recently picked up a pack of the original the week in front. These used to be a childhood favorite but apparently I still like them. So when I saw them on special I grabbed them, I didn’t even realise that there is now a chocolate flavor until I popped some in my mouth. I wasn’t in the mood for chocolate at the time but they are pretty good you can still taste a bit of the original recipe along with the chocolate. I find it annoying when there is a new chocolate flavor to an original recipe and it tastes completely different, fake or like a trying to be chocolate cookie, but that might just be me. LOL

Ingredients: wheat flour, sugar, palm and soybean oil, glucose syrup, slat, whey (milk), leavening agents (sodium bicarbonate, ammonium bicarbonate, sodium acid pyrophosphate), artificial flavours, sodium metabisulphite.  (Produced in a facility that uses peanuts and tree nuts)

*I’m not sure how healthy these are but they are a quick and sweet snack.

Oh btw I guess these guys decided they want to become an “item” lol



Nature Valley Oat ‘n Honey


These are quick, sweet and relatively healthy snack and I also really like the dark chocolate to these. I even tried a pack with milk  and it was yummy cereal.

Ingredients: Whole Grain Oats, Sugar, Canola Oil, Rice Flour, Honey, Salt, Brown Sugar Syrup, Baking Soda, Soy Lecithin, Natural Flavor.

(Contains: Soy     May Contain: Almond, Peanut, Peacan)


Mornflake Orchard Oat Granola


I love these!! There are different types and I occasionally switch them up. Sometimes I make puddings, cold cereals,  hot cereal, fruit/granola cups or just eat it on the go. It’s filling, nutritious and energizing. I also love getting the one with the almonds and then adding fresh fruit to it (apples bananas sometimes strawberries).

Ingredients: Mornflake Wholegrain OATFLAKES (63%), Sugar, Mixed Fruits & Seeds (12.5%) (Sultanas (6%), Dried Apple (3%) (contains Preservative SULPHUR DIOXIDE), Desiccated Coconut, Sunflower Seeds), Palm Oil†, Honey (2%), Apple Juice Concentrate, Natural Flavouring.


Thanks for checking my current favorite snacks guys! I hope you got some ideas, tips or new snack options for yourself. If you do try any, come up with any variations or find any more healthy on the go snacks feel free to share them below or tag us on instagram. We are total foodies and almost always busy!

Take care and have an amazing week! God bless you!


Fresh Produce to your door!

Happy February!

The year has kicked off with a bang for me, lots of projects this year. Which means I need to make good use of my time and be most efficient wherever I can. So you can understand why I was so chuffed when my friend recommended a local service which delivers fresh fruit and vegetables to your door!


I just had to share this with you. The company is called Veggiebag, they deliver every 2 weeks. They send you a list of available packages, you choose your option send them your contact info and directions. Then on the set delivery day your goodies arrive.

The veggies are packed in a branded brown paper bag and then the small items are packaged together. The service is great! Everything was fresh and I didn’t have to pick through the randoms at the grocery store. Also it was brilliant value for money!


If you are interested here is their info:

To be on there mailing list:

Phone number: 246-837-0200

I’ll be back soon with another  post soon.

Cheers, Jo



Disclaimer – This post is not sponsored and is purely me sharing a service I love with you guys.