Four Days of Twist Out!

Hey Guys!

Hope you’re well! Today I’m going share my “Twist Out” and how I maintained it this long for the first time. A few months has passed since I did it but no worries. Let’s get right into it.


 “January 21st 2017”

Style Prep

After washing and conditioning my hair, I parted it into sections. I detangled each section by spritzing with water and then sealing with my “Homemade Whipped Shea Butter Cream.” I got the recipe from Naptural85 which is called  “Do It Yourself: Natural Homemade Creamy and Fluffy Shea Butter Cremes Recipe” but I tweaked it a bit. I then made smaller sections and flat-twisted those being sure to add some more cream to the ends.

rolling on straw

Depending on how big the section was after every 1-2 twist, I wrapped either 1 or 2 twist(s) over a straw and rolled it under. Next I secure them with a bobby pin.

N.B The straws were cut into halves or thirds which turned out to be about 3″ in length each.

That night I slept in a satin scarf. The next afternoon I undid the flat-twist after rubbing a bit of oil unto my fingers to prevent frizz.

Day 1:

Unravelled – “January 21st 2017”

Day 1

I was so surprised at how soft and moisturized it came out. Even though it was more compact than usual it was super curly and cute. The photos don’t even do it justice. It was Saturday and I was off to a party. Was thrilled too when I received loads of compliments! Wow yay! Lol.


Twist Out pulled up

So after taking a few pictures for you guys, I decided to pull my hair up to see if the pineapple method (which I had never researched but guessed what it was, based on it’s name) would work.

Cute right!? But I still wasn’t sure if this would work for my really thick and curly hair so I started Youtubing ways to maintain a “Twist Out.” Why oh why did I never do this before? I would always ruin the style after day two by not properly maintaining it, but not tonight, I had to find a way. That’s when I found this video by “My Natural Sisters” How to Maintain a Twist Out on Natural Hair.  After watching a few of these I decided to try to it and prayed it would work.

So to find out if it did let’s go to Day 2…

Day 2

Church – “22nd January 2017”

Day 2

Yay! It worked!

So by using the same technique I had seen in the video I twisted chucks of the twist out together the night before. No combs, no brushes just my fingers finding the previous parts very gently and twisting large sections of hair together. Next I covered my hair with my satin scarf and went to bed.

On Sunday morning I unravelled gentled, shook out the twists and fluffed. I also used some booby pins and hair pins to achieve my style.

Day 3

Work and Home – “23rd January 2017”

Well guys I work from home and did not venture out on Monday so I didn’t take any pics. However, I just did what I had done on Sunday and maintained it the same way I did on Saturday night.

Day 4

To town for supplies- “24th January 2017”


“Still cute and still curly!” Ok guys, apart from getting a bit dry, my hair was still popping. lol. I was pretty pleased to see how long this style could last and I knew it could go a few more days if I wanted it to. I had scored big time finding that video and a few more. Happy but tired and knowing that my hair was dry I was ready for a change and probably a wash.

However, I did get some tips for moisturizing for the next time that I do this style. Such as is this other video by Naptural85 called “How To Maintain Wash and Go for 5 Days or More “Natural Hair.” Using some of the tips from this method and the previous method combined, I think my hair will last a whole lot longer and look even better. I will also in-cooperate a way to re-moisturize my scalp as it tends to get dry faster than my hair. I still have to do some experimenting there since I wouldn’t want to disturb my curls and make the style frizzy.

I hope you enjoyed seeing my results and I hope you got some helpful tips too!

Have a great day and enjoy your springtime!

Day 4.png




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