Myah’s Wedding Recap Part 1

Hey Lifestylers!

Finally the wedding recap is here. Well part one anyway.

I got married!!! and let me just tell you that wedding planning without a wedding planner is fun but it can tiring especially when all of your health issues decide to rebel all at once.

Luckily I had help from mom with the DIY’s. It was fun to do them even with low energy levels which reminds me to inform you that during the planning process, taking vitamins daily is essential especially Vitamins B & C. I had to use more Vitamin C as I ended up with a sinus infection then after barely recovering from that, I got the flu; after that was another sinus infection. Not to mention the muscle spasms, scoliosis and endometriosis pain.(insert long growl). An entire month and a half of my body defying me. Along with the vitamins, if you are a religious person PRAY, PRAY, PRAY!!! PRAYER got me through the times I felt like saying, forget this! let’s elope!

Let’s get back to the good stuff.

 Our Invitations


These amazing invites were done by the extremely talented Shonah of Dot_Ink Designs.   We met with her and looked through her many designs and chose the one we loved the most, which was a pocket fold design. She transformed it using our theme (PEACOCK).  Our colours were PURPLE, TURQUOISE  & LIME GREEN. For the minimal details, I created our direction cards whilst my mom dealt with the outer envelope-ribbon design.  Everyone loved these invites and so did we.

This purple ribbon was sourced from one of our local craft stores: Laurie Dash & Sons Inc.

(DIY)Escort Cards

DIY Escort Cards

(For posting on the blog, I have removed the names of our family and friends).

I made many attempts at designing our escort cards. Night after night I would attempt different designs until I finally settled on this design.  For our table names we used flowers and birds. These wonderful designs were printed, cut and glued to the opposing card. That is – the purple bordered cards were glued to turquoise cardstock and vice versa. When they were completed I must say that I was very impressed with my DIY. I was a bit saddened that we didn’t get any photos of them though. After C (husband will be referred to as C) and I finished all the cutting and gluing with these at 1 in the morning while we did other DIY’s we were worn out. 

(DIY) Wedding Fan Programs

All done and pre- packaged : never mind the Kraft paper bags under the fans: If you look closely though you will see the thank you tags I designed.
Template done using Microsoft Word

(Some names have been removed for their privacy purposes)

I can say that I enjoyed designing this template after looking at Pinterest for some layout inspiration.  Mom and I put the finishing touches on these amazing wedding programs, one day before the wedding. 

After being printed, the were folded in half and glued around the edges leaving just enough space to place and stick the Jumbo Craft Stick at the bottom. When that was step was completed, mom tied the ribbon around the craft stick and then it was complete.

We sourced the ribbons for used for these lovely Wedding Fan Programs from Amazon

Wedding Favors

When I tell you that our guests were well treated in the wedding favor arena, they were well -spoilt. For our wedding favors we gave:

  • Alcohol-free Caribbean black-cake cupcakes (packaged in cupcake boxes)
  • Mini chocolates (packages in mini bags * see photo below)
  • Candy (packaged in mini-treat boxes *see photo below)
  • Barbadian mini sweet treats package (done by Salena Spice Creations who did an amazing job) which consisted of mini: sugarcakes, tamarind balls, nut cakes and guava cheese. We also packaged these treats from Salena in purple mini-sized organza bags. (see photo below)
These Caribbean great-cake cupcakes were baked by my aunt and decorated by my mom. Here they are waiting to be placed in the packaging box.
Cupcakes boxed up and displayed.
Chocolates all packaged up in these mini bags.
Captured by our wonderful Wedding photographer.  (Akira Joseph Photography). This box held the mini candy.
Our sweet treats from Salena Sweets packaged and ready to go.

Mr&Mrs boxes sourced from Amazon (These were supposed to be as the 5 x  5 x 7.5 in size to use as the cupcake boxes but upon arrival were 3 inches!!! I was upset but we put them to good use)

Even though going the DIY road was a bit tiring at first, in the end I really loved the finished product. It saved us lots of money.  I will tell you though that I have earned a lot more respect for person who has a career in designing things like these, it is a lot of time and hard work and you have to ensure that it is perfect for the big day!

Stay tuned for Part 2


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