No one has it all together!

Hey guys,

Today I want to have an honest chat about something I think we can all relate too.



As women it seems like a lot of us feel like we need to have everything under control and perfect all the time. But is that possible? Is work – life balance actually attainable?

I think we look at each other and feel as though, the other person has it covered more than we do. Perfect home, perfect appearance, perfect career, well behaved and groomed kids, amazing relationship.. all day, everyday. After talking to other ladies I have come to these conclusions:

  1. We contribute to each other feeling this way. When someone says they are struggling sometimes people take this opportunity to say how “great” they are at what the person is struggling with and tell them to get it together. Come on! Stop that, you know you struggle too. Share a tip and be there for your girl but don’t brag and DON’T criticise.
  2. There is no such thing as balance, its more like a river. With ebbs and flows, some days you’ll be a domestic goddess and some days you won’t. Some weeks you’ll have lots of play time with your kids and some weeks will be full force work. Try not to feed the guilt or the feeling of failure when somethings feel unbalanced.
  3. Flexibility and personal time is important. Things don’t always go as scheduled but you have to be able to roll with it. Also know your limits, know when you need to say no. If taking this order or accepting this project means that you are compromising your limit and putting yourself under unnecessary  stress sometime its okay to say no. Take time for yourself even if its just 10 mins in the morning with a cup of tea.teaNow I struggle with this balance thing just like anyone, but I am working on it. I believe you can have it all just not all at once. Mom guilt is real and work responsibilities don’t end but doing your best is what matters. They say you can’t pour from an empty pitcher. So take care yourself don’t judge and go with the ebb and flow as much as you can.

Much love – work in progress




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