Dear Endometriosis

Hey Lifestylers!

I have delayed my wedding recap post so as to post about my story about Endometriosis as this is Endometriosis Awareness Month.

Dear Endometriosis,

I was fine, I was good, I was great. I was managing all the other pain I had just great. I mean I already have NF1, that in itself is pain already. I was managing the pain from the accident, I was handling that even better.

At 16 after many painful periods, after having to stay home from school for most of the time my period came, I went to the doctor – he said it wasn’t you after doing some scans but it was dysmenorrhea one of your family members whom I assume you know quite well. Here the birth control pills began just for a bit so I would never have to miss out on any of my CSEC Exams. Lets’s move forward 7 years to age 23, after the pain was constant – everyday, all day, all night. Period or no period. Here I was thinking maybe this is from my NF1 or maybe I pulled a muscle. Two nasty bladder infections and countless doctor visits later guess what??!! That is when I found out that you had showed up and taken residence, and boy did you show up and show out, you couldn’t just take up residence in one ovary but two!! How dare you?!

 Your place is in my uterus, that is where you are to stay, that is where you signed the contract to stay. You violated the terms of said contract by venturing outside the area which you have no security clearance for. Yet there you are, it seems you planned your attack down to the very last tiny detail.  I heard you have many colleagues affecting millions of women in the world. Guess what though?! We are fighting you and fighting hard, we will not stop fighting, we will not stop trying a way to get rid of you completely and trust me we will. So enjoy your time now with the painful periods, the painful sex, fatigue, infertility, painful urination and bowel movements, nausea and vomiting just to name a few that you plague my other female endo fighters and I with.

You thought that we would stay silent and not speak up about it, you thought that we would continue to hear people say “oh I get cramps too, it’s just a bad period”. Well think again, we have had about enough of hearing that and this year we are speaking even louder so all the world can who you truly are.

Oh and about last month when you had me down to the point with an IV in my hand, had me not able to eat for a week because everything I ate/drank came right back up because you decided to up your game and produce another one on my left ovary making it two egg-sized things over there. You may have had me confined to a bed for that one week but think again you can’t hold me down forever.

Without love,


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